The exhibition demonstrated the entire spectrum of literature

The exhibition demonstrated the entire spectrum of literature

9 October 2021 0000

Rustam Behrudi, modern Azerbaijani poet

The book exhibition has a very important place in the life of and is necessary for the society at large. For thousands of years, humanity has developed thanks to books. The people's need for reading and education is inexhaustible. I have visited many world book exhibitions and fairs. Baku is not inferior to them in anything. I thank the organisers and all the organisations involved in this exhibition, and first of all, the Ministry of Culture, for holding such a large-scale event.

I will say that the danger to society is always represented by people who are ignorant, illiterate, not interested in anything, not reading. The more such events are held that arouse people's interest in reading, self-development, enlightenment, the further our society will be from ignorance and ignorance.

The exhibition showed the entire range - educational, scientific, and artistic spectrum - of literature. I am glad that among them there are works of modern, young Azerbaijani authors. Their names may not yet be known to everyone. Through the exhibition, they can become more recognizable. As a teacher, I was impressed by the educational literature shown here. There are so many new products, methods and approaches developed in modern education that you are simply amazed. Thanks to the book exhibition for the opportunity to get to know all this.