Rare copies of handwritten books...

Rare copies of handwritten books...

8 October 2021 0000

Gulsaida Abdullayeva, Department Director at National Library

The exhibition is a place for promoting not only new editions, but also rare books of libraries, where visits are rare. As you know, our country celebrates the Year of Nizami. Therefore, not only at the stand, but also in the foyer of Baku Expo Centre, we demonstrate several copies of Nizami's books. These are copies of handwritten books that are in the world's libraries. The exquisite design and miniatures attracted the attention of many guests at the exhibition, regardless of age and profession.

There are also several books at the stand, presented and signed by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. These are books from his private library. A valuable gift for us is the Koran, which was brought by President Ilham Aliyev from Mecca. Visitors can see it too. These publications are kept in our collection of rare books. These also include the books of the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy (1914-1915editions), and are especially valuable for their chased design of plots on the cover of works.

We like the exhibition very much. Here we were able to see many interesting books in the expositions of other countries. Turkish and Iranian stands are attracting attention with their rare materials. This is exactly the place where any visitor will find a lot of interesting things.