I found everything I needed here

I found everything I needed here

8 october 2021 0000

Sheyda Yusubova, manager at Zaygon Consulting

-I came to the exhibition with interest to get acquainted with modern publishing houses and their products. I was interested in religious topics, theosophy, psychology, and management. And I found everything I needed here. I am glad that many books for children and books in our native language are on display. There are a lot of research books. I liked the book, which contains all the types of personality of the Azerbaijani nation.

I was also able to see the stands of representatives of other countries. The exhibition makes a great impression! I am grateful to the organisers of the project for this event. Here you clearly understand what a great work is being done by publishing houses, many of which we do not know. I take pride in the work of so many people, including both participants and organisers.