High interest of young people in the exhibition

High interest of young people in the exhibition

9 October 2021 0000

Erdal Mart, teacher at Baku-Turkish Anatolian High School  

Today teachers and students of Baku-Turkish Anatolian High School visited the exhibition, which turned out to be very rich in impressions. Our senior pupils and I got acquainted with the Azerbaijani and Turkish stands. All students met this exhibition with great interest.

We managed to study the products of many bookstores and publishing houses, and met with new writers. Most of all I was interested in fiction, scientific books and textbooks. It is worth noting that each student has different preferences. One is more interested in science fiction, the other in the scientific and historical direction. Therefore, today everyone here was able to find something for themselves.

The reality of today is the availability of conventional and electronic literature. My opinion is that an e-book cannot replace a paper one, its appearance, smell, and that unique moment when you turn pages. Thus, libraries will preserve traditional books, along with modern electronic gadgets that will help find rare works.

I am very glad that today, after a pause due to the pandemic, the organisation of such an interesting exhibition became a reality. This is a wonderful project, which is confirmed by a large number of its visitors. I hope there will be a continuation. The current one demonstrates the need for these exhibitions in our society.