For those who learn the French language

For those who learn the French language

9 October 2021 0000

Ilkin Babayev, librarian at Institut français d'Azerbaïdjan

This is our second year in this book fair; our aim is to introduce visitors to our institute and the online library Culturethèque, which has over four hundred thousand resources for everyone who studies and specializes in French. The library has all the latest issues of magazines and newspapers in France. Members of the institute have access to the resource, and members of the media library can attend French lessons. Our media library presents mainly French literature - both modern and classical, as well as a lot of comics and books for children.

Today is the second day of the exhibition, I can say that people come and are mainly interested in traditional books, despite the fact that due to the pandemic we had to turn to online content. At our stand, we installed a computer with access to the online library in order to arouse the interest of visitors and familiarize them with the available resources. However, I still think that traditional books are much closer to readers.

Holding such large-scale exhibitions is very important. Children, schoolchildren, students come, take interest, get acquainted with the stands. Unfortunately, when I was in school, there were no such opportunities. So, I think this is a worthy and promising project. We are waiting for everyone at our stand.