An excellent exhibition 

An excellent exhibition 

10 October 2021 0000

Hunar Mammadov, Representative of the Embassy of Indonesia

Many people know that Indonesia is a colorful country, and we always have something to show to people. Today at the exhibition we are presenting a variety of books that reflect all areas of Indonesian culture. These publications provide exciting stories about costumes, dance, and folklore and tourist attractions.

To complete the picture, we have organised a presentation of the national dances of Indonesia - in bright costumes and with appropriate paraphernalia. And in the exposition next to books you can see interesting musical instruments and souvenirs.

For me, the exhibition successfully unites the cultures of all peoples. Today this project serves as an excellent promotion of books and reading. It is very important! No matter how developed information technology is, reading books remains in trend. I like the exhibition because here you can meet many interesting people from different countries of the world; they all have the opportunity to communicate, learn something new and learn from each other's experience. The Baku International Book Fair 2021 is an excellent event!