Baku Book Fair - Exhibitions are necessary for both startups and reputable companies

Exhibitions are necessary for both startups and reputable companies



Ulker Mammadova, Publication Officer at Everest PH

Our publishing house is yet a young organisation: we are only a year old PH. However, despite this, we can boast of the quality and range of products. We mainly present children's literature. In addition, we print scientific and artistic works. This exhibition features children's books. One of them is the book by Solmaz Amanova “Şuşannın sehrli acarları” (“Magic keys of Shusha”). It touches upon the topic of the Karabakh war. Today's events are narrated in the book in the form of a fairy tale. The main character liberates Karabakh with the help of allegorical friends.

The exhibition is organised at a high level: every publisher and organisation showcases great products at this event. There are many foreign guests here, constant meetings with interesting people. I like the healthy competition that is present at the exhibition.

Exhibitions are essential for both young and well-known companies. There are social networks, the Internet, where you can advertise yourself. However, in the process of live communication, you can tell more and explain what gives the best results.

We have started our activity since the challenging times of the pandemic: and hence, this exhibition means a lot to us. It gives us the opportunity to show the entire assortment, find regular customers. Thanks to the exhibition, we have already held business negotiations. I think this is a great achievement.


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