Baku Book Fair - Exhibition is the path to progress

Exhibition is the path to progress



Hafiz Babazade, student of the Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy

- The book exhibition is a real holiday for all reading lovers. As such, I was looking forward to the opening of the exhibition. Among the rich selection of books presented here, I was interested in historical works related to the formation of the Azerbaijani and Turkish republics. And I found and purchased such books at the stands of “Hədəf” and “Çapar”. Friends and fellow students who came with me to the exhibition also found books of interest.

An important and interesting component of the exhibition was also various presentations and meetings with famous authors, which left vivid impressions of live communication with almost seemingly unattainable legendary personalities.

Book exhibitions are very important for any society. They contribute to its education. I really like the phrase of one of the great educators that “language and culture are more important than the army and the state.” For the development of language, culture, education, scientific knowledge, book exhibitions are vital. This is the path to progress.


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