Baku Book Fair - I am happy, because my works are well known in Azerbaijan!

I am happy, because my works are well known in Azerbaijan!



Sinan Janan, Turkish writer and researcher

- The book is the most ancient heritage of mankind. The physical feeling of a book, the ability to turn the pages and take notes in the margins – all these have its own special magic.

Book exhibitions are important in that they allow you to touch the book, find a work or study guide of interest. Today, books by well-known classics, as well as novice authors, are presented here. And they all have their admirers. The book sale at discounted prices also attracts visitors to the exhibition.

I would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to make presentations and meet with readers. I was worried about how well my Turkish would be understood, given that we speak many dialects in Turkey. Half in jest, and half seriously, I will say that they understood me here even more than in Turkey. The Azerbaijani language is very rich. Some elements of the language that we have forgotten are widely used here. I was very pleased that my works are well known in Azerbaijan. This was shown by a meeting with readers and an autograph ceremony.

I liked the exhibition in Baku very much and surprised. This is largely due to the large number of visitors, to the high interest in the book. I am sure that the way out of the pandemic situation contributes to an even greater growth of book exhibitions and will attract more participants and visitors.


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