Baku Book Fair - We always take diligent efforts when preparing for the exhibition of books

We always take diligent efforts when preparing for the exhibition of books



Rashad Nabiyev, technical editor at Altun Kitab

We are a regular participant of the International Book Fair, and always try to prepare for the event at the highest level. Our main direction is children's literature. We prepare adapted books for children. The works of foreign writers are translated into Azerbaijani and shortened for children. We also have school textbooks, books for reading.

The main goal of participating in the Baku International Book Fair 2021 is related to the need to present books to visitors that they cannot find in our sales centers, as well as to answer all their questions.

Many buyers are interested in foreign literature translated into Azerbaijani. We also have a series of books for preschool children, children's encyclopedias, dictionaries, children's detective stories. A series of historical novels is planned. There is also a series of “Tarixi yaradanlar” (Historical Figures), which will be provided through the abbreviated translation system.

I believe that the role of the exhibition in the development of this area is very great. It brings the reader closer to the publisher. This is a great opportunity to exchange views and build contacts. Guests can take a closer look at our products, report any shortcomings, over which we will carefully work.


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