Baku Book Fair - Gabriel García Márquez in Azerbaijani

Gabriel García Márquez in Azerbaijani



Jafar Jafarzade, representative of the Embassy of Colombia in Azerbaijan

At this exhibition, we are presenting many interesting books which cover the history and culture of Colombia. General short information about this country can be obtained from small brochures and magazines. The works of the famous writer Gabriel García Márquez occupy a large place on the stand. These works are in Azerbaijani, Russian and Spanish. And visitors are showing great interest in these books. The stand also shows videos about Colombia. We are already at the exhibition for the third year. And compared to other years, I can say that the number of stands is much larger. An exhibition is a good advertising opportunity. We have the opportunity to present ourselves to a wide audience, tell about ourselves, share information and serve you some real, delicious Colombian coffee. The exhibition has created conditions for musical performances, meetings and dialogues. This is a beautiful, interesting event, which many call a real holiday. We also take part in these performances. Today, visitors and participants will be able to see our national dances.


Exhibition starts in: