Baku Book Fair - Successful debut of Baku Book Center

Successful debut of Baku Book Center



Gunel Anargyzy, writer and publicist, director of Baku Book Center

We are delighted to debut at this International Book Fair in Baku. Our sales center presents a very large assortment of various products, both local and foreign. Most of all, readers are interested in books in Azerbaijani, Russian and English. We also have publications in German, French and Arabic. During the exhibition, interesting events and autograph sessions of famous writers and political figures will be held. I would like to note that we are implementing an educational project “Yüksəl”, in which seven lecturers participate. There is also a children's theater “Oyan” in Baku Book Center, which will present the play today.

I believe that this exhibition will give an impetus to the development of book printing in Azerbaijan, since many contacts are established here, numerous meetings are held, as a result of which there are opportunities for creating new projects. We want to introduce all guests to our book center and establish contacts with other publishers and bookstores. We hope that this experience will be useful both for us and for our visitors.


Exhibition starts in: