Baku Book Fair - The best books: a treasure of wisdom, culture and spirituality

The best books: a treasure of wisdom, culture and spirituality



On October 6th, the 7th “Baku International Book Fair 2021”, dedicated to the 880th anniversary of a great Azerbaijani poet and philosopher Nizami Ganjavi, a prominent figure in world literature, opened in Baku Expo Center.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ali Ahmadov, noted that a book exhibition, which is an important milestone in the history and culture of our people, occupies a worthy place among the important events of sovereign Azerbaijan. According to him, the exhibition serves as an indicator of the love and devotion of the Azerbaijani state and society to the book as a source of civilization. Thanks to writing and books, we have information about our past and are successfully working on the chronicle of the modern history of Azerbaijan. The speaker wished the participants of the exhibition successful and fruitful work.

The Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Anar Karimov, called the book the most important tool for the development and education of people. The Azerbaijani state pays great attention to the development of book culture and the book industry, said the Minister. Holding a book exhibition in Baku for many years, even in a pandemic, successfully demonstrates this spiritual policy. In terms of the composition of the participants and the organisations and companies represented at it, the invited guests, the exhibition is the largest in the region. A number of events dedicated to the Year of Nizami Ganjavi will take place here. The uniqueness of the exhibition also lies in the fact that the days of its holding promise about two hundred different events for adults and children.Anar Karimov congratulated the participants of the exhibition on the significant event and expressed gratitude to the sponsors of the project.

The Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Emin Amrullayev, pointed out the important connection between books and education, taking a central place in the educational process. At the same time, the book is the property and culture of the people, plays an important role in the development and formation of the younger generation. According to the Minister, the current exhibition will become an important step in this direction and will attract the attention of teachers, schoolchildren and students.

On behalf of the President of Turkey and Minister of Culture and Sports of Turkey, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, Ahmet Misbah Demircan, conveyed congratulations, greetings and wishes for the successful holding of the Baku International Book Fair 2021.

“The exhibition is dedicated to the Year of Nizami Ganjavi,” stressed Mr Demirjan, “I would like to note that the work of the great poet, who is an excellent example for many generations, is highly respected in Turkey. The book is one of the most important links between our fraternal peoples. We love book exhibitions because they bring together the past and the future, the writer and the reader, science and education. I am sure that the exhibition in Baku will become just such an event”, he added.

Chairman of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan, Anar Rzayev, greeted and congratulated the participants, sponsors and guests of the exhibition on behalf of the Union. The exhibition takes place on important days for the country, noted Anar Rzayev. He stressed the importance of the great Victory in the Karabakh war. Our literature plays an important role in the patriotic and humanitarian education of the people. Today, the book lives in competition with modern electronic technology. According to the speaker, the book will never yield in this confrontation and will live forever.

The fair feature publishing and printing houses, as well as bookstores and cultural centres. About 165 publishing houses and printing companies from 13 countries - Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, France, Indonesia, Iran, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Russia and Turkey take part in the exhibition-fair.

The Baku International Book Fair will provide a unique opportunity to present novelties in the book industry, negotiate and conclude contracts with local and foreign publishing houses, authors, as well as with national publishing and printing companies. The exhibition will serve as a meeting place for famous writers and poets.

Participants and visitors will enjoy an interesting programme of additional events during five days of the fair. Famous Azerbaijani and foreign writers will be special guests on different days of the exhibition: Chingiz Abdullayev, Elkhan Elatli, Elchin Aliyev, Nail Alizade, Gulseren Bugdayidzhioglu, Ercan Kesal, Togrul Mehti Niyazi and many others. Historian Fuad Akhundov will deliver a lecture “Historical traditions of the cities of the South Caucasus”. There will also be a meeting with Ercan Kesal (who plays the role of Idris Kochovali in the famous Turkish TV series named «Çukur»).

The project "SÖZ" deserves special attention, the author of which is the poetess Nigar Hasanzade. Within the framework of the project, the veterans will read their own poems, written during the 44-day Karabakh war.

The exhibition includes presentations of books by domestic and foreign writers, meetings with young poets of Azerbaijan and Turkey. Azerbaijani and Turkish writers will read poems by Nizami Gadjavi and Yunus Emre.

Within the framework of the Year of Nizami, various events will be held every day from 10:00 in the foyer of the Baku Expo Center. Among them, the staging of the Azerbaijan State Puppet Theater named after Abdulla Shaig on the works of Nizami Ganjavi, performances organized by the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum.

During the exhibition a number of events will be organized especially for children, in particular: children's performances "Tyk-Tyk khanum" and "Jyrtdan" will be held; various master classes for children, in particular "Preparing carpet sketches", ebru (the art of drawing on water) and much more. Solmaz Amanova will represent the characters of national Azerbaijani fairy tales, each child will be given the opportunity to change clothes and feel like a hero of fairy tales. An intellectual game will also be held with the writer Murshud Ismayilzade.

Within the framework of the exhibition there will be a presentation of the electronic version of N. Ganjavi's book "Seven Beauties", translated into sign language for children with disabilities.

The organiser of the exhibition is the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, gold sponsor – “bp Azerbaijan” company. Organisational support is provided by Caspian Event Organisers (CEO).




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