Baku Book Fair - A real holiday of books

A real holiday of books


News Sarkhan Rustamov,
PR specialist at LIBRAFF

We are a traditional participant of this fabulous exhibition, and we do it with a great
pleasure! I even would like the event to be held twice a year; this is a real holiday of books.
It is important for us to communicate with readers to expand the audience. Here you can
meet colleagues from shops and publishers. We opened four years ago, today we have five stores
in Baku, one in the city of Ganja. Taking into account the wishes of our clients, we are making
plans to open our branches in other regions.
We have books in different languages, and the best-selling genres are bestsellers, novels,
detective stories. One of the novelties of LIBRAFF is gift cards for 30; 50; and 100 manats,
which are convenient and pleasant to present as a gift. We also offer bonus cards.
We present the book “40 gün an ba an”, which contains all speeches, tweets and
statements of President Ilham Aliyev related to the Patriotic War. There are also books by
Zakhid Khalilov “Dəmir yumurug” and “Payiza gələn 44 bahar hekayəsi” about the 2 nd Karabakh
We are in close contact with the publishing house press, the authors, therefore
several times a year presentations and autograph sessions are held in our salons. In connection
with the pandemic, such events were suspended, but in September we resumed work.


Exhibition starts in: