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Türkiye is an honored guest of the 8th Baku International Book Fair.

2021 Publishing Market Report


The number of book titles produced by our publishing industry increased to 87.231 by the end of 2021. The publishing industry carried the total number of books produced to 438.679.864 by the end of 2021. Thus, the highest production figure of all time has been reached. Considering that the number of books produced in 2020 was 433.213.632, there was a growth of 5.466.232 in number and 1.26% in proportion. Publishing is growing every year and strengthening its infrastructure with its dynamic structure and serious success in foreign expansion. According to the most recent international statistics announced by the International Publishers Association and the World Intellectual Property Organization, our country ranks 6th in the world in terms of the number of titles assigned to ISBNs and 10th in terms of retail market size.


According to the banderole data, the sales of non-periodical banderols increased from 433 million 213 thousand 632 in 2020 to 438 million 679 thousand 864 in 2021.


As in previous years, the highest number of banderole sales by type of work was in the publications in the education category. 234 million 204 thousand 906 in the education category, 90 million 379 thousand 535 in the adult category, 43 million 973 thousand 357 in the child-youth category, 31 million 183 thousand 411 in the adult fiction category, 27 million 909 thousand 66 in the faith category, 6 million 220 thousand 481 in the academic field and 4 million 808 thousand 808 banderols were allocated in the imported publication category and 300 banderols were allocated in other areas.


The number of books published for the first time was 60.353, and the number of books that were published second or more was 119.542. The total number of publications reached 179 thousand 895. While the number of books distributed free of charge by the Ministry of National Education was 199 million 312 thousand 999, 111 million 706 thousand 468 of the publications were primary education and 87 million 606 thousand 531 were secondary school textbooks. According to the information received from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of National Education, 637 million 992 thousand 863 non-periodical publications were published throughout the year.


Excluding books downloaded from digital platforms, works that do not exceed 48 pages in total excluding the cover that does not have to be taken with a banderol, books taken from libraries for pre-school, primary and secondary education, non-periodical publications and exchanged between individuals, the number of physical books per capita in 2021 maintained its stability compared to the previous year with a rate of 7.6.

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